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Residential Solar Appointment Sets Delivered...And More

Advanced end-to-end lead nurturing with dynamic proposal support to close more sales.

Guaranteed Exclusive

Residential Solar Appointments

Your appointments are exclusive,

nurtured, confirmed, and yours to keep.

Mobile Optimized Materials

That Prospects Demand

Your content will be kept up-to-date, cloud based and mobile optimized with your unique story and brand.

Speed-to-Lead Proposal Systems That Increase Sales

Our CXM accelerates sales and growth by going way beyond the basic CRM technologies.

Dynamic Brand Support

That Will Set You Apart

A relationship with us includes our

help in polishing your brand and communications to make a great first impression.

"Why would I ever go back to buying and chasing non- exclusive solar leads...

Now all my sales people need to do is sit down and talk to pre-set residential solar appointments from SolarCXM."

- Josh J, CEO

Meet Your Next Appointment

  • Shade Verified by Satellite Imagery
  • FICO Credit Score Verified
  • Home Type Satellite Image & Customer Verified
  • Utility Bill Collected and Verified ($100+)
  • Decision Maker(s) Attendance Confirmed
  • Bankruptcy, HOA, Title, Etc. Reviewed
  • Appointment Scheduled Within 72 Hours
  • Guaranteed Sit
  • High Close Rate Means Lower Cost Per Sale


Combined Years Of

Lead Gen Experience



Ad Campaigns

20 million

Leads Delivered

To Our Clients

$3 Billion

Estimated Gross Sales

By Our Clients

Discover how we will consistently deliver exclusive, ready-to-sit, pre-qualified, homeowner solar leads to you or your sales team.

"After 25 years and millions of leads generated for some of the world's largest brands we are now offering high-quality residential solar appointments exclusively to you."

– SolarCXM Management


2999 N 44th St, Ste 530

Phoenix, AZ 85018

Call / SMS: (480) 933-1337